Christopher Willis

The Personal History Of David Copperfield 2LP

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Utwory:A1. My Own Story 1:46A2. Baby Davy 1:45A3. Yarmouth 2:06A4. Last Days Of Innocence 1:50A5. The Murdstones 1:00A6. The Bottling Factory 1:16A7. I Fall Into...


A1. My Own Story 1:46
A2. Baby Davy 1:45
A3. Yarmouth 2:06
A4. Last Days Of Innocence 1:50
A5. The Murdstones 1:00
A6. The Bottling Factory 1:16
A7. I Fall Into Disgrace 0:59
A8. A Corker Of A Corker 1:29
A9. Without A Home 1:39
B1. 23 Miles To Dover 1:26
B2. Notes And Impressions 1:34
B3. A Blissful Summer 1:17
B4. First Day At School 1:06
B5. Mr. Dick And The Kite 1:16
B6. Agnes 0:46
B7. Tall Tales 1:23
B8. Uriah Heep 1:31
B9. Of Kites And Concertinas 0:50
B10. Leaving Day 2:02
C1. Meeting Dora 1:01
C2. Adventures Of A London Gentleman 3:50
C3. Mock Turtle 0:38
C4. Ruined 2:03
C5. Mounting Troubles 2:04
C6. Return To Yarmouth 1:32
C7. Steerforth Mucks In 1:27
D1. Emily Gone 1:10
D2. The Search For Emily 1:16
D3. David's Writings 2:58
D4. The Shipwreck 2:22
D5. Concluding Words 0:58
D6. A Life Well Written 3:18
D7. These Pages Must Show (End Credits) 2:35


Christopher Willis
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