Eric Clapton

The Complete Warner Studio Albums, Volume 1 12LP

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Utwory;Money And CigarettesA1. Everybody Oughta Make A ChangeA2. The Shape You're InA3. Ain't Going DownA4. I've Got A Rock N' Roll HeartA5. Man OverboardB1. Pretty...


Money And Cigarettes
A1. Everybody Oughta Make A Change
A2. The Shape You're In
A3. Ain't Going Down
A4. I've Got A Rock N' Roll Heart
A5. Man Overboard
B1. Pretty Girl
B2. Man In Love
B3. Crosscut Saw
B4. Slow Down Linda
B5. Crazy Country Hop

. Behind The Sun
C1. She's Waiting
C2. See What Love Can Do
C3. Same Old Blues
D1. Knock On Wood
D2. Something's Happening
D3. Forever Man
D4. It All Depends
E1. Tangled In Love
E2. Never Make You Cry
E3. Just Like A Prisoner
E4. Behind The Sun

F1. It's In The Way That You Use It
F2. Run
F3. Tearing Us Apart
F4. Bad Influence
G1. Walk Away
G2. Hung Up On Your Love
G3. Take A Chance
G4. Hold On
H1. Miss You
H2. Holy Mother
H3. Behind The Mask

. Journeyman
I1. Pretending
I2. Anything For Your Love
I3. Bad Love
J1. Running On Faith
J2. Hard Times
J3. Hound Dog
K1. No Alibis
K2. Run So Far
K3. Old Love
L1. Breaking Point
L2. Lead Me On
L3. Before You Accuse Me

. From The Cradle
M1. Blues Before Sunrise
M2. Third Degree
M3. Reconsider Baby
M4. Hoochie Coochie Man
N1. Five Long Years
N2. I'm Tore Down
N3. How Long Blues
N4. Goin' Away Baby
O1. Blues Leave Me Alone
O2. Sinner's Prayer
O3. Motherless Child
P1. Someday After a While
P2. Standin' Round Crying
P3. Driftin'
P4. Groaning The Blues

. Pilgrim
Q1. My Father's Eyes
Q2. River Of Tears
Q3. Pilgrim
R1. Broken Hearted
R2. One Chance
R3. Circus
S1. Goin' Down Slow
S2. Fall Like Rain
S3. Born in Time
T1. Needs His Woman
T2. She's Gone
T3. You Were There
T4. Inside Of Me

. Rarities 1983-1998
U1. Stone Free
U2. Crossroads (Live)
U3. White Room (Live)
U4. Theme From A Movie That Never Happened (Orchestral)
V1. Pilgrim (Remix)
V2. 32-20 Blues (Live)
V3. County Jail Blues (Live)
V4. Born Under A Bad Sign


Eric Clapton
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