David Byrne

The Complete Score From The Catherine Wheel 2LP (Rsd 2023)

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Tracklista:A1. Light Bath 1:12A2. His Wife Refused 4:32A3. Adé 3:23A4. Walking 0:54A5. Two Soldiers 3:31A6. Under The Mountain 0:53A7. DinosaurA8. The Red House 3:17B1. Wheezing...

A1. Light Bath 1:12
A2. His Wife Refused 4:32
A3. Adé 3:23
A4. Walking 0:54
A5. Two Soldiers 3:31
A6. Under The Mountain 0:53
A7. Dinosaur
A8. The Red House 3:17
B1. Wheezing 3:12
B2. Eggs In A Briar Patch 3:32
B3. Poison 2:32
B4. Cloud Chamber 2:50
B5. Black Flag 2:30
C1. My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks) 2:45
C2. Combat 2:45
C3. Leg Bells 2:41
C4. The Blue Flame 3:25
C5. Big Business 5:06
D1. Dense Beasts 3:12
D2. Five Golden Sections 2:54
D3. What A Day That Was 5:32
D4. Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open) 4:44
D5. Light Bath 1:10


David Byrne
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