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Newly Recorded Versions Of The Music From Game Of Thrones 2LP ( Picture Winyl + Black Winyl)

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Tracklist:LP 1Side A: Season 11. Game Of Thrones -Main Title Theme - Epic Version2. The King's Arrival3. You Win Or You Die4. The Pointy End5....

LP 1

Side A: Season 1

1. Game Of Thrones -Main Title Theme - Epic Version

2. The King's Arrival

3. You Win Or You Die

4. The Pointy End

5. King Of The North

6. Finale

Side B: Season 2

1. The Throne Is Mine

2. Valar Morghulis

3. I Am Hers, She Is Mine

4. Don't Die With A Clean Sword

5. Pay The Iron Price

6. Mother Of Dragons

7. Rains Of Castamere - Epic Version

LP 2

Side C: Season 3

1. A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

2. Dracarys

3. Chaos Is A Ladder

4. It's Always Summer Under The Sea (Shireen's Song)

5. The Bear And The Maiden Fair

6. The Lannisters Send Their Regards

7. Mhysa

Side D: Season 4

1. Feral Love (Official Trailer)

2. Thenns

3. Two Swords

4. You Are No Son Of Mine

5. Let's Kill Some Crows

6. Forgive Me

7. The Children

8. Feral Love (Reprise)


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