Beyond Redemption

1992 3LP

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Utwory:. Afflicted Convulsion. Toxic Existence (Demo 1989)A1. Toxic ExistenceA2. AgnosticismA3. MoreheadsA4. Obnoxious WordsA5. Batman. Psychedelic Grindcore Demo 1989A6. UtilizationB1. Parental InfanticideB2. Cleansing NuisanceB3. Enslaved PropagandaB4....


. Afflicted Convulsion
. Toxic Existence (Demo 1989)
A1. Toxic Existence
A2. Agnosticism
A3. Moreheads
A4. Obnoxious Words
A5. Batman
. Psychedelic Grindcore Demo 1989
A6. Utilization
B1. Parental Infanticide
B2. Cleansing Nuisance
B3. Enslaved Propaganda
B4. Slay Your Inner God
. Beyond Redemption Demo 1990
C1. Consumed in Flames
C2. Parental Infanticide
C3. Cleansing Scourge
C4. Utilization
C5. Slay Your Inner God
. Afflicted - Promo Tape 1990
D1. Consumed In Flames
D2. In Years To Come
. The Odious Reflection Demo 1990
D3. Intro
D4. The Root...
D5. Utilization
D6. The Doomwatcher's Prediction
D7. In Years To Come
. Ingrained 1990
E1. Viewing the Obscene
E2. The Empty Word
. Wanderland 1991
E3. Astray
E4. Tidings From The Blue Sphere
F1. Spirit Spectrum
F2. Ivory Tower
. Rising To The Sun Ep 1992
F3. Rising To The Sun
F4. Ivory Tower
F5. 7 Gates Of Hell


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